What is the best night face cream like?

Do you use a night moisturizer? Most women think it’s unnecessary so they use the same product in the AM and PM. However, day and night moisturizers do differ. Learn what sets them apart and what your nighttime face cream should be like.

Day vs night face moisturizer: differences

Products designed for day and night use differ. The proportions of substances in a night cream are chosen so as to provide maximum nourishment and repair. Why? Because the skin undergoes the most intensive repair during the night. While we are asleep, the skin is able to absorb the largest amount of nutritional substances. The nighttime product is supposed to aid the skin and deliver ingredients for faster and more intensive repair. The biggest difference between a day moisturizer and night cream is that the former aims at protecting against external aggressors while the latter is to revive and fix damaged epidermis.

That is why night creams are richer than day moisturizers. Additional repairing substances replace sun filters and matiffying agents which are needless at night.

What is the best night cream like?

It must have the suitable texture and tried and trusted components: the ones that ensure hydration and lock it in the skin. Natural oils – for example argan oil – are the best example.

Also, make sure your night cream is high in anit-aging ingredients that boost resilience and plumpness of the skin, giving you a rested, smooth face in the morning. Regular application of a quality night face cream delays the occurrence of wrinkles and can even make existing lines less noticeable. What top substances should you seek in a night cream?

The best ingredients in a night face cream:

  • coenzyme Q10
  • retinol
  • peptides
  • stem cells
  • collagen
  • vitamin C and E

Never forget to…

… wash your face thoroughly before applying a face cream! Cleansing is the base for both morning and nighttime skin routine. Sleeping with make-up on or not washing the face well makes the complexion worse so even the best night cream fails. So, you should always clear your face of any make-up residue, using micellar water and mild foam or gel cleanser. Next, follow with a toner to balance the pH and apply your night cream.

Should you use a face serum in the evening?

Absolutely! Serum is an essential face-care product as it is concentrated on intensively enhancing and repairing the skin. Just like a night cream, face serum doesn’t contain a UV filter, it is lightweight and fast-absorbed. It reaches the deepest layers of skin so it ideally complements the night cream. The duo can give you way better results so if you want flawless complexion, a face serum is a must-have.

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