Skin care of feet with no secrets. Everything about pedicure

We relate skin care of feet with peeling and hydration. You probably had no idea that pedicure is also a part of this treatment. Do you know how to take care of your feet and how to paint your nails? Read below text and meet all the secrets of beauticians, manicurists and pedicurists.

Conditioning treatment starts with preparation of foot bath. To a bowl with warm water add some soap or gel shower; add also some bath slats. After about 15 minutes, all the thicken epidermis will soften and cuticles become easier to remove. Heels and toes can be treated with brush or delicate pumice. It is a great way to stimulate blood circulation and remove dead skin cells.

Skin care of feet with no secretsIt is time for nails. Use nail polish remover and cotton pads to get rid of old nail polish. With rounded clippers cut the nails. After finished treatment sterilise, dry and hide them to the case. Do not cut nails to much – this is a certain way to damage toes and lead to later ingrowth of nails. Then smoother edges with file and polish the nail plate. The best file for the job will be one made of paper and equipped with various abrasive surfaces. Apply softening preparation on the cuticles and after few minutes push them back with a wooden stick. Do not cut them – they protect nails.

Remove dead skin cells. Best for it is a foot file or a pumice. Gently exfoliate excess of skin of heels and toes. Be careful not to lead to skin irritations and nail plate damages. Then dry feet and apply moisturising cream. Do not forget about cuticles. When cosmetics will absorb treat nail plate once more with nail polish remover. It will make application of nail polish much easier.

Nail polishes with long and wide brush can help immensely in performance of pedicure. Therefore, apply it in three motions: in the middle and on the sides. Start at the base of nail and run with it through the nail plate. Wait for first layer to dry and apply the second one. With cotton bud and nail polish remover get rid of nail polish you messed cuticles with. After 30 minutes your pedicure is ready!

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