Spring skin care treatments, i.e. How to get rid of cellulite, redundant body hair and widen blood vessels?

How to get rid of cellulite?

Cellulite is a nightmare of many women. It appears in hypodermis and leads to swelling and fibrosis. We can recognise it after subcutaneous skin dimpling and nodularity. Cellulite is created because of problems with blood supply in body fat (subcutaneous), and it is a common issue for pregnant women and people dealing with overweight. It usually is present on thighs, hunkers and arms. How to get rid of it? You need to control your body weight, be physically active, eat healthy, use toning up cosmetics, take dietary supplements and undertake cosmetic and dermatological treatments. Doctor should check your sugar level and hormones. Cosmetologist, on the other hand, can recommend following treatments: laser, massage, ultrasounds, heat therapy with infrared radiation or cooling.

cellulite.jpgHow to remove redundant body hair?

Redundant body hair are yet another concern of women. Fortunately, there are few ways for smooth skin. Among many we enumerate: body creams, disposable razors, wax, hair removers and laser. Which way you’ll choose depends on skin condition, how much money you want to spend on it and how much time do you have. During hair removal can appear various issues: skin irritations, allergies on creams’ ingredients, damage to epidermis and ingrowing hair. You can avoid all of those by applying to couple tips. Before hair removal do the body scrub and right after useĀ  soothing and moisturising cosmetic.

How to cure widen blood vessels?

Widen blood vessels (spider vines) are another ladies issue. They appear on legs and face and it is a concern mostly of people with thin and sensitive face skin. To causes of spider vines we can qualify: pregnancy, obesity, wearing tight clothes or high heels, work related to long term sitting or standing. Very effective solution for this issue is sport, wearing comfortable shoes and in very extreme cases – surgical procedure, which shouldn’t be done during the summer because of risk of skin irritations. Additionally you can take dietary supplements.

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