Clogging cosmetics – the answer to how acne and blackheads develop

“This cosmetic clogs the pores”. We hear this sentence more and more often and we can observe that every day more and more young girls have blackheads. Why is it a happening? Because they unknowingly use cosmetics containing ingredients which contribute to development of blackheads and irritations on the skin of the face. In extreme cases it occurs in a period of few days or after few hours since application of the product. Cleansing skin out from blackheads is time consuming and very often ends in failure.

In general we divide clogging cosmetics into two groups: those which contribute to the development of acne and those which contribute to the development of blackheads. We talk about cosmetics causing acne, when the condition of the skin decreases in a matter of couple hours since application of the cosmetic. It usually appears with acne changes in the guise of the hypodermic lumps. Ingredients which contribute to this type of irritations are among many: lanolin, glycerol and SLS.

acne and blackheads developIn cosmetology and dermatology exists another type of clogging cosmetics. We’re talking about those which contribute to the development of blackheads in a matter of few weeks or months since application of the product. How is it possible? Some cosmetics are just clogging the pores, making it impossible for the skin to breath and desquamate. As a result on a skin appear some unaesthetic skin changes and irritations, which are very hard to get rid of.

What about cosmetics which are not causing blackheads? This kind of informations we lately get more and more often from manufacturers who place this special note about it on their products. Maybe it’s true, but before you buy new cosmetic that you don’t know anything about yet, just read composition wrote on the tally. You should shun ingredients like: most of oils and cosmetic butters, vitamin (A and E, but also derivates of vitamin C), panthenol, minerals (talc, zinc), emulsifiers (SLS, kaolin), alcohol, waxes and herbal extracts.

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