How to care about brushes?

Taking proper care of your make-up accessories is very important. We are putting on make-up very often, with different cosmetics, different times a day and in various conditions. You need to know that wet and dirty with cosmetics make-up brushes and applicators are perfect places for a bacteria that later is transferred on our skin. Then it is just a matter of time when allergies and inflammations will appear. How to take a good care of our brushes?

makeupinstrumentclean11. Wash your brushes as often as you can

It is strongly recommended for applicators to be washed after each use to prevent bacteria development. Dermatologist are certain that only washing brushes after every make-up can give us certainty that they’re free of bacteria. Optimally though, we should wash more often brushes used for fluid products (every two days), and those for loose cosmetics less often (every four or five days). It would probably be best if you wouldn’t use brushes that weren’t washed for over a week. We, of course, speak about make-up made everyday.

2. Apply correct washing technique

You should be gentle while washing your brushes, because even the best quality product can be broken if you don’t treat it with respect. Never steep or scrub your brushes against the nap. Wet the brushes under small stream of warm water from its base downwards. On your palm or special silicon sponge (brushegg) for brushes apply some cleaner (anti-bacterial soap or shampoo would be the best). Now in delicate circular motion rub in the product in brushes’ hair and then rinse it. Repeat it until water will be clean.

3. Dry your brushes in a right way

Not only their washing but also drying is important. Properly dried will maintain their shape and precision. It is important to allow brushes to dry on their own and not try to speed the process by using blow-dryer. The best would be to put brushes away on a paper towel. You may find helpful net jackets for brushes, which will help in drying. It isn’t necessary, though. Avoid drying your brushes on the radiators and in the hot places, but also try not to leave them in the bathroom, because of increased level of dampness. They tend to fall apart and are harder to dry.

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