Spray coconut oil. An ingenious solution for everyday care

This is a source of vitamins A and E, zinc, phosphor and essential fatty acids. The features of coconut oil open up many possibilities for exploding it. Yet, rather problematic happens to be its consistency. Luckily, an ingenious solution was developed to cope with this impediment: spray coconut oil!

It’d better to start from presenting a short introduction of coconut oil. This is a multi-purpose and rich in precious substances coconut palm tree oil. If cold-pressed and non-refined, it resembles well-known coconut shreds used for baking. It’s advised to be used in day-to-day care because it:

– delivers antiseptic, fungicidal and anti-inflammatory action,
– contains set of essential vitamins and minerals,
– handles moisturisation of scalp/hair,
– is very gentle even for sensitive and acne skin.

It’s up to us how we make use of coconut oil. Basically, it serves well as make-up removing agent, face cream, natural eyelash conditioner, hair mask and body balm.

Although coconut oil has many advantages, some people claim that the consistency of this natural substance happens to be problematic. Indeed, it isn’t runny as majority of known and used is cosmetics vegetable substances such as argan oil or almond oil. Instead, coconut oil has the form of fair butter which starts melting at 25 degrees Celsius. So as to help skin absorb coconut oil, the substance has to be warmed up in hands first.

Spray coconut oil

The solution of this problem is offered by spray coconut oil, which can be described as natural coconut palm tree oil in its liquid form. As an answer to our needs many cosmetic brands have launched into the market coconut oil in the very form (e.g. Ogx, Coconut Professional Hair Care, Bumble and Bumble).

Is spray coconut oil a good solution? It’s a perfect solution when we care for taking advantage of coconut oil’s features and, simultaneously, we expect application to be simple. Coconut oil in its liquid form is lighter, is absorbed better and its application is significantly facilitated. Delicate coconut mist coats skin and hair in a way that delivers delicate protection, doesn’t overburden or clogs. Finally, runny coconut oil with atomiser needs less time to be applied because it doesn’t have to be warmed up. In other words, you neither have to melt the oil nor stain your hands with it. Undoubtedly, this is a significant facilitation for those who are always in hurry.