Perfume horoscope. Which scent should you choose?

Each sign has different personality, so every personality trait should use different scents to tone in with them. So why not to create perfume horoscope? On this idea came up a world famous perfumer, Anne Nelson Sanford, who examined dependency between signs and preferences towards scent. See below which scent will perfectly match your personality.

ARIES – is passionate and enthusiastic, however is very easy to distract, so best would be improving concentration cedar tone.
Recommended perfume: Burberry The Beat

TAURUS – by nature stubborn and proud, so needs non-standard scents, that will last in memory and will expose its rich emotional inside e.g. Nicotiana alata, or sweet tobacco.
Recommended perfume: Tobacco Vanille Toma Forda

GEMINI – are dynamic and very outgoing, their need of new experiences can be de-escalated with soothing and relaxing scent of e.g. soft lavender.
Recommended perfume: Eau du Fleurs Lavande, Chloe

CANCER – is calm, values domestic tranquillity and does not like changes, that is why the perfect scent for this sign should highlight the sensitive character, like gardenia fragrance.
Recommended perfume: Gardenia od Chanel

perfumery_school_5LEO – is the king of social life and a leader not only at work, but also in familial relations, her character can be placated by rose fragrance.
Recommended perfume: Rose The One by Dolce&Gabbana

VIRGO – is a perfect and conservative person, who needs stable and elegant scent like spicy-soothing fragrance.
Recommended perfume: Amouage Fate

LIBRA – is a born diplomat with tendency to contemplating, doubt and reflections, who needs scent that will bring back her confidence, e.g. black pepper fragrance.
Recommended perfume: Noir Epices, Frederic Malle

SCORPIO – has a magnetic personality with passionate character, that would be best highlighted by characteristic fragrance of the tuberose.
Recommended perfume: Do Son Diptyque

SAGITTARIUS – is a charming person with strong and charismatic personality, who will feel best in feminine and sensual scent of the vetiver.
Recommended perfume: For Her by Narciso Rodriguez

CAPRICORN – is an open, rational and very practical person, who can gain some effortlessness and curiosity of the world with delicate jasmine fragrance.
Recommended perfume: Beauty, Calvin Klein

AQUARIUS – is a dreamer who is running away from the reality of everyday life to the world of dreams and fantasy, so to bring her back on the Earth without any damage to the creativity best would be neroli oil.
Recommended perfume: Acqua di Parma, Gelsomino Nobile

PISCES – are extremely warm and passionate people, who will feel best in comforting and confidence adding sandal fragrance.
Recommended perfume: Sacred Wood by Kilian

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