Lashcode Mascara – the Best Way to Get Stunning Eyelashes

beautiful eyes with Lashcode

To have stunningly-voluminous eyelashes… many women’s dream. You can fulfil it today thanks to the revolutionary Lashcode Mascara which combines an ideally-shaped spiral wand and perfectly-composed set of conditioning ingredients and mineral pigment.

Among hundreds of mascaras, available on the market, finding one that has all we need is hard. If it delivers extension, it gives a poor curl effect. If it adds volume, it often clumps. If it leaves no clumps, it smudges. Are we forced to use several mascaras for different effects? No – Lashcode will do.


A dream mascara for the fans of a flawless look. Lashcode has a silicone brush which perfectly matches the eye shape and effortlessly coats the tiniest lashes. It is available in an intense black which defines lashes, giving the alluring look. The mascara is infused with conditioning substances (vitamins, amino acids, and plant extracts) thus cares for lashes while you wear make-up.

One bottle houses as much as 10 ml of an ideally-pigmented, nourishing, 24-hour-lasting mascara. It means more or less six months without mascara flakes, clumps or panda effect. Lashcode is a product that every woman will be jealous of – maximally long-wear as well as easily removed. Is there anything else to wish for?


The design matters and cosmetic brands know it very well. With a precise brush, you can easily get the desired volume, coating each lash with a few simple strokes. It is crucial that Lashcode precisely separates lashes, leaves no smudges, dries fast on lashes, keeping their natural elasticity. You no longer need a few mascaras to get long, dense, defined eyelashes of amazing colour and shine – so you can’t help looking in the mirror all the time. You can build up the effect depending on your needs, applying next layers.


Lashcode is a mascara which unites the properties of an ideal mascara and serum – so that lashes look flawlessly every single day. A revolutionary blend of a mineral pigment and conditioning ingredients is a jackpot: vitamin E protects, Baicalin delays ageing, Panthenol adds elasticity, Soy and Wheat Sprouts regenerate whereas Arginine strengthens lashes. The idea is to let Lashcode give you strong and vital eyelashes which grow healthily and don’t fall out in excess.

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12 Comments “Lashcode Mascara – the Best Way to Get Stunning Eyelashes”

  1. StaceyB

    I love this mascara, it’s the best! <3

  2. MellC

    Lashcode is so cool. I’ve been using it for a long time now and not gonna change it for any other.

  3. lauren69

    It gives lovely look, the brush is heaven :)

  4. Audra

    I guess I’m gonna finally order this mascara as it’s another rave review I come acreoss :)

  5. DinaLo

    We see eye to eye, this mascara is sensational :)

  6. Tayloo

    I’d love to get to know it better :D

  7. NYorkerGirl

    I’ve never had this mascara but heard so good things about it

  8. Samantha

    I like it so much :) 100% satisfaction :D

  9. Carinha

    Lovely lash extension, the brush is stunning, the price is the only flip side

  10. lola55

    love the tube design! :)

  11. KatieM

    My lashes look so poorly, shortand straight… Still looking for a perfecte mascara :(

  12. Nana

    I consider giving this mascara a shot


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