Fabulous Brow Makeup? Only With A Good Brow Pomade! TOP 5 Brow-Styling Pomades Ranking

Ranking of the best pomades for eyebrow makeup

Eyebrow pomade is an extremely popular brow-styling product,  used to fill in and define eyebrows. It works well both for everyday use and for special occasions. If you are looking for a good brow pomade, stop here for a moment. Discover the most recommended brow pomades you should reach for. Our beauty ranking presents only the most long-lasting brow pomades recommended by consumers around the world.

Eyebrow pomade – benefits

Brow pomade undoubtedly has many advantages. It is a product that is much more long-wear than other brow makeup cosmetics. Check out the benefits of using brow pomade:

  1. Precision and control – with a good brow pomade you will get a precise, fully controlled effect. A good brow pomade can easily enhance the shape of your eyebrows and fill in the gaps between your brow hairs for a natural, phenomenal look.
  2. Long-wear effects – brow pomade is a long-lasting product that stays on your eyebrows for hours, and you don’t have to worry about any touch-ups. It’s the perfect product for people with busy lifestyles who don’t have time for constant touch-ups during the day.
  3. Shades – did you know that you can find eyebrow pomades in many different, neutral] shades? This will help you match the right product to the color of your eyebrows and avoid the overdrawn effect.
  4. Convenient packaging – most brow pomades come in small round pots, making it easy and fun to work with the product.

Beauty ranking – the best eyebrow pomades – TOP 5


nanobrow eyebrow pomade

If you want perfectly styled eyebrows every time, choose Nanobrow Eyebrow Pomade to make this dream come true. This is a product that is popularly chosen by female consumers all over the world. It comes at a very attractive price considering its quality and efficiency. The Nanobrow brow-styling pomade is available at, on marketplace platforms, or in online and regular beauty stores.

Nanobrow’s waterproof brow styling pomade can bring out the true beauty of your eyebrows in a flash. It can define their shape, camouflage gaps, and fill them in with an expressive, natural color. The long-lasting brow pomade provides precisely defined arches and natural results for any occasion. Your eyebrows will always be properly defined! This ultra-malleable brow makeup pomade with velvety texture applies perfectly and keeps your makeup in place all day long. It comes in three, perfectly formulated shades. This recommended brow-styling pomade works for any occasion. With it, you can create both evening makeup and lighter, daytime look- you are only limited by your imagination!


  • is easy to use, so anyone can handle its application
  • comes with a suitably thick, creamy consistency
  • you can easily build up the coverage
  • is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about your makeup smudging
  • it comes in 3 shades so you can easily find one to match your features


  • this eyebrow pomade does not come with an included brush

NUMBER 2 – Anastasia BH Dipbrow Pomade

A recommended brow pomade that provides natural-looking brows without looking fake. It is highly pigmented, so it lasts flawlessly all day. It coats your eyebrows with a neutral shade, providing medium coverage. The waterproof brow makeup pomade is available online and in regular drugstores. Its price is too high considering its efficiency, but its performance cannot be denied though.

The long-lasting eyebrow styling pomade applies easily on your eyebrows, so its application will not cause you much trouble. You can be sure that your brows will stay in one place all day, and you won’t have to worry about touch-ups. The long-lasting formula gives you an elegant matte finish for both everyday looks and special occasions. Unfortunately, this is a very long-wear product, so washing it away is time-consuming].


  • this eyebrow pomade can last for hours
  • the pomade thoroughly fills in the brows and provides a natural look
  • this eyebrow pomade comes in a choice of colors to match any skin tone and hair color
  • it’s a waterproof product, so it can withstand any conditions


  • a brush is required for its application, and its use requires skill
  • the brow pomade takes a long time to dry, which can delay the makeup process
  • this waterproof product is not easy to remove

NUMBER 3. KVD Beauty 24-Hour Super Brow Pomade

A long-lasting brow pomade that can give you intense brow makeup for any occasion. It’s waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about your makeup rubbing off or getting damaged during the day. It comes at a huge price though, especially when you consider its quality which is something consumers often complain about. You can find it online and in-store. This brow pomade comes in many neutral shades, so you can easily match the right one to your style.

This long-lasting eyebrow pomade ensures your eyebrow makeup is always elegant. It works well both for everyday use and for important occasions when precision and long-wear effects matter. Intense pigments coat your arches, camouflaging gaps and sparse areas. You get a natural and fashionable effect, however, you have to work hard to achieve it. Applying this brow pomade requires skill and experience. In addition, the product is so long-wear that it requires special products to wash it away. 


  • the brow pomade lasts unscathed for a whole day
  • the shade selection allows you to match the color to the natural shade of the eyebrows
  • a small amount of product is enough to create the desired effect
  • the product is waterproof, so it will not wear off during intense exercise or swimming


  • price
  • some consumers have noticed that after using the pomade their bros felt dry and stiff
  • this brow pomade is so long-wear that its removal is time-consuming and requires a powerful makeup remover

NUMBER 4. WBco The Brow Pomade

This is a product that has become very popular. The brow pomade is very popular among female consumers. You can find it at an average price in both online and regular beauty stores. The matte brow-styling pomade can quickly define your eyebrows, fill them in with a neutral color, and ensure you will not have to worry about possible touch-ups.

This brow makeup pomade comes in several natural shades, so you’ll be able to find the right one for you. The malleable, waterproof formula glides on well, providing a natural, matte finish. The long-lasting brow pomade can redefine the shape of your arches, camouflage gaps, and even add individual hair-like strokes. Unfortunately, this product is so long-wear that it is hard to wash it away, which is a problem for many female consumers. In addition, it’s not affordable considering its quality and efficiency. You can find better brow-styling products at this price.


  • this long-wear, smudge-proof eyebrow pomade can last for hours
  • the product is available in many shades, so you’ll be able to find a shade that matches your hair color
  • the eyebrow pomade defines the eyebrows precisely
  • the product does not smudge or wear off even when in contact with water


  • price
  • this brow pomade is difficult to remove and requires a special makeup remover
  • application of the product requires some practice, especially for those with no prior experience with eyebrow pomade

NUMBER 5. Benefit Cosmetics POWmade 

A waterproof eyebrow pomade with a malleable formula. It coats eyebrows with a nice color, is highly pigmented, and blends easily. It makes eyebrows look natural, and the slightly satin finish is the perfect complement to any makeup. The price of this eyebrow pomade is huge considering its efficiency though, which discourages purchase. You can find much better brow makeup products at this price. The product is available both online and in-store.

The long-lasting eyebrow makeup pomade has a creamy consistency, applies well on the arches, and gently coats brow hairs with a neutral shade. It only takes a few strokes to create lovely brow makeup for any occasion. Unfortunately, it requires practice, as it’s not easy to use. This brow pomade doesn’t dry out or wear off during the day, so you can rest assured of the quality of your makeup for hours. Its big drawback is that it’s hard to wash away, which is what consumers often complain about.


  • comes with a soft and creamy texture
  • provides natural-looking effects all day long
  • allows you to build up the coverage and achieve the desired effect
  • the eyebrow pomade is water and sweat-proof, so it can withstand all conditions


  • price considering its quality and efficiency
  • this brow pomade is difficult to remove
  • some consumers may have difficulty matching the right color, as the product is not available in so many shades
  • the product is creamy, so it requires a skillful application to avoid an overdrawn effect

How to apply eyebrow pomade?

Brow pomade application requires a bit of skill, but remember that after just a few attempts you are sure to become a pro. Check out this short tutorial on how to define your eyebrows with brow pomade to ensure natural-looking effects:

Prep your eyebrows. Make sure they are dry and clean. Brush through them with a spoolie to shape them.
Take a slanted brow brush and apply the pomade on the eyebrows with short strokes. Continue until you achieve the desired effect.
Apply the eyebrow pomade evenly using a brow brush. This way you will soften the edges and your eyebrows will look natural.
For special occasions, you can additionally use a gel or a fixer to keep your brows in place.
Remember that the key to achieving natural-looking eyebrows is the gentle and precise application of your brow pomade. Single, short strokes will work perfectly to camouflage any gaps or defects. Choose a waterproof brow pomade to make sure your brow makeup will last all day flawlessly. Good luck!