How to cut dry hair?

Cutting damp hair – this technique is known to everybody. Yet, has anyone of you ever cut dry hair? Without washing, applying conditioners and blow-drying? If not, then it is high time to try! Surely, you will hit it off as you will notice this technique’s advantages in the nick of time.

Curly strands like being cut dry. Why is that? In fact, it is hard to state clearly, where hair was trimmed. After blow drying damp strands will spring – they will get back to their previous form. Human’s eye will not see the difference. Dry hair is better for noticing the difference and recognize the cut line. Moreover, due to constant observation of a hairdresser’s progress of cutting your hair, you can say ‘stop’ any time you realize that s/he is depriving you from too much of hair length.

cut dry hairIt is faster to cut dry hair. You are saving time that is normally devoted to shampooing, massage (yes, there are beauty parlours offering scalp massages), application of a conditioner and blow-drying. Instead, the ends of the strands are only damped and combed. Trimming hair in this way is much easier. You are able to control hairdresser’s work. And what is also important to realize, you do not have to pay for the shampooing.

Damp hair is heavier which makes the curls a little bit straighter. This create the illusion of longer hair. Therefore, we cannot afford dramatic cut yet only trim the hair after blow drying. If a professional is treating our hair, then there will be no mistakes as the final effect will satisfy us in 100%. Still, cutting dry hair is way better. Why? Because we can monitor length and angle of cut constantly. Additionally, after blow drying, it might turn out that hair is trimmed too much or fringe badly layered.

Hair can obtain interesting style once cut dry. A hairdresser will use untypical trimming, cutting and styling techniques. Our hair will gain original look. What is more, the cut will be more precise as the hairdo will suit every occasion.

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