Essential oils in hair care: DSD De Luxe 3.4.5B Science-7 de Luxe

Do you know that not only classic oils but also essential oils will take care of your hair and scalp. You can find them in the DSD De Luxe 3.4.5B Science-7 de Luxe. Is the action, properties and use of such a product different from using well-known cosmetics with oils? It turns out that no, and the effects of the treatment are very similar.

DSD De Luxe 3.4.5B Science-7 de Luxe Рeffects and composition 

The effects of the oil are closely related to the ingredients it contains. They affect both the scalp and the hair. DSD De Luxe 3.4.5B Science-7 de Luxe is composed of oils and essential oils known to all hair lovers.

These include:

  • jojoba oil – has a regenerative effect, fights dandruff, provides hair with a glow and makes it soft to the touch,
  • grapeseed oil – moisturizes and softens the skin, contains antioxidants that protect against free radicals, inhibit hair loss and prevent premature greying,
  • lavender oil – stimulates hair to grow, accelerates the healing of the wounds, strengthens the strands, reduces the secretion of sebum and prevents the formation of dandruff,
  • thyme oil -inhibits hair loss and at the same time supports the growth of strands in length and thickness,
  • cedar oil – it takes care of oily scalp, it is helpful in the fight against dandruff, works well in aromatherapy, and also stimulates hair to grow,
  • rose rosemary – regulates sebaceous glands, prevents dandruff and stimulates hair to grow.

How to use DSD De Luxe?

DSD De Luxe 3.4.5B Science-7 de Luxe is best suited for the care of the scalp and the problems associated with it. Treatment with the product is scheduled for three months or longer; its duration depends on the condition of the scalp and the condition of the hair. How to apply the oil? A few drops of the product should be massaged at the base of the hair in the affected area. In the morning, wash your head thoroughly with shampoo.

One package of DSD De Luxe 3.4.5B Science-7 de Luxe comes in a 35 ml bottle with a pipette. The packaging is made of dark glass, which should protect the oils from sunlight and loss of properties.

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