3 Things You Don’t Know about Your Hair

Even though each of us has a head of hair, we don’t know all of its secrets. See 3 things you surely don’t know about your hair. We’re almost 100% sure you’ll be surprised. If not, you belong to the small group of people who know all secrets of hair.

We could spend long hours writing about hair, its types, colors, length, texture, functions… We usually think it’s on our heads just to make us look better. It is straight, wavy or curly, has different colors (from ash blonde through red to jet black) and can be changed as we want thanks to coloring or heat styling. We all know that.

However, there are some hair facts that most people have no idea about. These facts surprise even those who know everything about hair care.

3 things you don’t know about your hair!


Are you surprised? Hair, similarly to nails, is made from keratin cells which are dead. That is why having a haircut is totally pain-free. If hair was living, trimming the ends wouldn’t be so nice and smooth.

How does it affect the hair growth and all of our efforts? Hair is dead so hair care is pointless – this is not true! A follicle is a living part of hair and the condition of hair – whether it’s brittle or strong, nice and fast-growing – depends on the follicle. So, our hair-care efforts make sense because even dead hair can be in good or bad shape.


Hair porosity got popular when the Ayurvedic hair oil treatment took the blogosphere by storm. We learnt that color or texture aren’t the only things that make hair different. There are three types of hair considering its porosity:

  • low porosity hair whose cuticles are sealed.
  • medium porosity hair whose cuticles raise slightly.
  • high porosity hair whose cuticles are wide open.

What are those cuticles? Keratin cuticles build the external layer of hair. If we observed them under a microscope, they would look like overlapping plates – their role is protecting the hair against damage. Unfortunately, the heat, pH imbalance and many other factors make them rise so hair gets rough and easily damaged. The type of porosity depends on the external cuticle layer. Highly-porous hair is the worst because it’s damaged.


What function does hair fulfil? Most of us think it merely improves the appearance. Naturally, hair may enhance our assets or camouflage the flaws, e.g. high forehead we don’t like. A hairstyle that suits you is likely to slenderize your facial features or make the face plumper. There’s more to hair functions, though!

The original role of hair is regulating the body temperature and reducing the loss of warmth through the head. The longer and thicker the hair, the better. Today we wear warm hats and like to have hair cut short. Hair doesn’t make us think of keeping the body warm but it hasn’t lost this function!

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