Sleeping pack – Asian Way for Skin Nourishment Overnight

In a last few months, among more and less famous stars is known new trend in skin care. It slowly starts to enter even our native market, though it is not as popular yet. We are talking about sleeping pack, i.e. overnight face mask. What differs sleeping pack from regular face mask? How to use it?

Sleeping pack is a trend, which (just like other unique nourishing methods) came to us from Asia regions. There overnight face masks are addition to everyday complex face care. As you probably know, Asians like layering of products, what is expected to be their method on forever young and flawless skin. Mostly, their skin care has several steps and the last one is application of overnight face mask – sleeping pack.

Sleeping pack 'Europeans also use beneficial properties of multi layering of skin care products, however it is not as strongly developed as it is in the East. That is why women are still quite sceptical about overnight face masks. Asians highlight fact that it is high regeneration method. At night, when our skin rests, concentrated formula of sleeping pack is absorbed better and supports natural skin regeneration.

Sleeping pack has usually gel consistency, which is applied just like regular face mask. The only difference is that we live sleeping pack overnight. The greatest concern is fact that mask can smudge bedding, hair and everything around. In contrary to appearances, sleeping pack isn’t that limiting, because gel consistency of the product absorbs well, does not spill or smudge after it dries. You can easily try if this method is for you.

Asians use sleeping pack as one of many steps in skin care, but for us it can be more like an equivalent of night cream. After thorough cleanse of face and scrub apply nourishing overnight mask and rinse it in the morning. Its main task is to keep hydration levels in skin, deeply moisturise, detoxification, highlight, tightening pores and rejuvenating (antioxidants, anti-wrinkles).

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