Sensational Cluster Lashes – DIY Eyelash Extensions From Nanolash

cluster lashes

Every woman is enthusiastic about new beauty releases. Ladies believe that with the right cosmetics, they will be able to transform their looks. Nanolash cluster lashes – DIY Lash Extensions are one of the best beauty innovations of recent years. What is worth knowing about them and what lash looks can you create with these cluster lashes?

DIY Lash Extensions – what exactly are they?

DIY Lash Extensions are an absolute novelty on the beauty market. These cluster lashes are designed for DIY application at home. Ladies may certainly be surprised by this, but these ready-made cluster lashes certainly deserve all the hype they get.

These lightweight and luxurious cluster lashes for at-home application can completely change the morning routine of most women. It only takes 10 minutes to apply them on the lash line, and what’s more, no prior experience is needed.

The manufacturer has made sure the application of DIY Eyelash Extensions is as simple and convenient as possible. All you need to do is apply the bonder to the entire eyelashes, and then wait for it to become tacky. Then just apply the chosen lash cluster underneath natural lashes, about 1 mm from the lash waterline, fuze the clusters with your natural lashes using the applicator tool, and remove the sticky layer with the Nanolash sealer.

In a simple and fast way, you can apply lash extensions at home. What’s more, the application itself is supposed to last for at least 5 days. So it’s safe to say that cluster lashes – DIY Lash Extensions are the answer to the needs of any modern woman.

DIY Lash Extensions – what lash looks can you create? 

DIY Eyelash Extensions give you unlimited possibilities when it comes to eyelash styling. One case contains 36 cluster lashes. On average, 4-5 clusters are used per application. As a result, a box is enough for up to 4 applications.

More importantly, you can choose from 8 styles of lash clusters and the box contains cluster lashes in 3 lengths: 10, 12, and 14 mm.

The Nanolash brand has also launched a complete kit for DIY lash extensions at home. The kit contains:

  • a 5 ml Nanolash bonder
  • a 5 ml Nanolash remover
  • a 5 ml Nanolash sealer
  • a stainless steel lash applicator

Both the ready-made eyelash cluster lashes and the other accessories will last a long time.

cluster lashes

DIY Lash Extensions and Russian Volume lashes

With the help of DIY application cluster lashes from Nanolash, you can perform the Russian Volume lash style. To do so, just use the 12mm and 14mm length clusters. The shortest lashes should be placed in the inner eye corner while the longest ones should be placed in the middle and end of the eyelid. This lash look is sure to be irresistible to anyone!

DIY Eyelash Extensions and delicate and natural lash look

Ladies can also use the luxurious Nanolash cluster lashes to create lash looks perfect for everyday wear. To do this, just use the clusters in 10 or possibly 12 mm. This lash styling method is perfect for everyday wear, for work or school, as well as for casual meetings.

cluster lashes

DIY application cluster lashes from Nanolash – a summary

DIY Lash Extensions are a product that any woman can be excited about. These are the first pre-made cluster lashes that feature an extremely simple application in only 10 minutes. What’s more, the application can last up to 5 days.

With the help of these cluster lashes for at-home application, you can create both voluminous lash styles like Russian Volume but also delicate everyday looks.

These luxurious cluster lashes are soft and stylish, and they blend perfectly with natural lashes. Wearing them is a real pleasure.