Fashionable ‘fluffy brows’ Effect? Choose A Good Kit For Brow Lamination At Home! Beauty Ranking

Brow lamination is a popular beauty treatment that changes the structure of brow hairs by applying special chemical solutions on them. The eyebrows are then shaped with a special brush. Eyebrow lamination aims to lift brow hairs upward, resulting in visibly thicker and fuller eyebrows that look tidy and defined. Many women opt for the brow lamination treatment. However, did you know that you can save time and money by performing brow lamination at home? You don’t need any special knowledge or skills – just get a good brow lamination kit with detailed instructions for use. Check out the ranking of the most recommended kits for DIY brow lamination at home and choose the one that suits your needs best.

A good brow lamination kit – how to choose it?

If you want to pick the best brow lamination kit for home use, you should consider several factors:

  1. Brand – choose a renowned brand with good reviews from users. Check out the online reviews and see which products consumers recommend.
  2. Formulas – make sure that the formula of your eyebrow lamination kit is safe for your skin and will not cause any allergic reactions. Avoid products with aggressive chemical ingredients.
  3. Duration of effects – pay attention to the longevity of the brow lamination effects. Some brow lift kits maintain the effect for only a few days, while with others, they can last for up to several weeks.
  4. Price – price does not always ensure quality, so choose a kit for long-lasting brow lamination that fits within your budget. Find a brow lift kit that is affordable for you and will meet your needs at the same time.
  5. Packaging – choose a DIY eyebrow lamination kit that comes in convenient and handy packaging that can be easily stored.
  6. Contents of the kit – make sure your brow lift and lamination kit contains all the necessary items, such as brow-laminating products, applicators, tools, etc.
  7. Compatibility with your needs – choose a brow lamination kit that meets your needs. For example, if you have short eyebrows, look out for brow lift kits that are dedicated to dealing with them and can give them the right shape.

When choosing a kit for lifting and laminating brows at home, pay attention to: the brand, formulas, duration of effect, price, packaging, contents of the kit, and compatibility with your needs.

Most recommended kit for DIY brow lamination at home – TOP 5 RANKING 

1# Nanobrow Lamination Kit

If your eyebrows are hard to style, unruly, stick out in the wrong direction, or are thin and sparse, this eyebrow lamination kit will certainly meet your needs. Nanobrow Lamination Kit is a professional, easy-to-use brow-styling kit that’s perfect for both beauty salons and home use. The kit is enough for 10 individual treatments! This brow lift and lamination kit contains everything you need to perform DIY brow lamination at home. The eyebrow lamination treatment can make your arches more defined, and there won’t be a trace of gaps or sparse areas. Thanks to eyebrow lamination at home with this kit, your brows will gain a thicker look and appear more voluminous and beautifully lifted.

With the Nanobrow brow lift kit, you can say goodbye to thin and barely-there eyebrows and difficult, time-consuming styling for 6 weeks. The brow lamination treatment not only lifts and tames brow hairs, but also visually thickens and defines them. Nanobrow’s kit for long-lasting eyebrow lamination kit is eagerly chosen by women. It combines well-selected ingredients, easy application, and phenomenal results that last 6 weeks, depending on the eyebrows. This at-home brow lamination kit comes in a handy, elegant box that encourages use. DIY brow lamination with this brow lift kit is always successful!


  • contains everything you need to perform the treatment by yourself
  • well-formulated solutions are suitable for sensitive skin
  • thicker-looking, more defined, and naturally shiny eyebrows without defects
  • enough for 10 individual brow laminations


  • price
  • after 6 weeks you have to perform the treatment again

2# Miya Lash Brow Lift Kit

Do you wish to wake up with perfectly styled eyebrows for several weeks? This DIY eyebrow lamination kit can make your dream come true. As it turns out, laminating eyebrows on your own is not difficult at all. In this brow lift kit, you will find a detailed instruction manual that will guide you through the process step by step. This at-home eyebrow lamination kit will give you perfectly shaped, groomed, and defined eyebrows for up to 6 weeks. Thanks to the brow lamination treatment, brow hairs become fuller, thicker, shaped in the right direction, and feel soft, bouncy, and easy to style.

The brow lift and lamination kit contains the necessary products to perform the eyebrow lamination treatment at home. These include an eyebrow cleanser, a brow fixer, and a brush for applying the products. This brow lamination kit will allow you to achieve the effect of beautifully lifted, pampered, and elegantly styled eyebrows without leaving home. At the same time, you will be able to save time and money, which you would spend on professional brow lamination treatment at a beauty salon. You won’t have to use any brow makeup products daily! The gentle formula with keratin is safe for sensitive skin, but perform a patch test before you start the treatment to make sure the ingredients are safe for you anyway.


  • saving time and money on brow lamination at a beauty salon
  • formula suitable for owners of sensitive skin
  • stronger, healthier, and fixed eyebrows for many weeks
  • includes all the accessories to laminate eyebrows at home


  • price
  • the eyebrows feel a bit stiff
  • after 4-6 weeks the effects disappear and you have to repeat the treatment 

3# ICONSIGN Brow Lift and Lamination Kit

This kit for long-lasting brow lift and lamination is designed to lift, straighten, and set your brow hairs to make them look elegant every day. The process of eyebrow lamination with this lift kit involves applying special products on the eyebrow hairs, then shaping and setting them in place with special tools. This DIY eyebrow lamination kit can be used by anyone who wants to achieve fuller, thicker eyebrows that look both defined and natural.

The brow lamination and lift kit is easy to use, but it is recommended that you have at least a little prior experience with DIY brow lamination. If it’s your first time, it’s better to contact an experienced brow stylist to help you perform your brow lamination at home. This kit for long-lasting brow lift requires preparation and following the manufacturer’s instructions to get the best results. The brow lift kit can keep your eyebrows in the desired shape for 4-6 weeks, and on top of that it can intensively regenerate and moisturize them.


  • regenerated and moisturized eyebrows
  • lifted eyebrow hairs for up to 6 weeks
  • fuller and more voluminous eyebrows every day
  • the brow lamination treatment with this kit is non-invasive and painless


  • the effects last 4-6 weeks, after which you need to repeat the procedure 
  • the brow lamination procedure requires practice with this kit
  • not recommended for owners of sensitive skin 
  • price

4# Fleeky BrowLift Kit

An effective kit for long-lasting brow lift and lamination at home. It is gentle on the skin, yet effective in performance. The kit includes everything you need to perform brow lamination at home. The effects last up to 6 weeks. Thanks to brow lamination with this brow lift kit, your eyebrows become more manageable and prone to styling. This is a vegan-friendly kit for DIY brow lamination at home, and its application does not require any special knowledge or skills.

Fleeky’s brow lift and lamination kit gives you naturally glossy eyebrows without having to style them every day. You won’t have to worry about the look of your eyebrows for weeks. They become regenerated, nourished, and properly styled. This brow styling kit will give your eyebrows your dream shape and it makes it easy!


  • does not require special knowledge or skills
  • provides three-dimensional, brushed-up eyebrows for many weeks
  • the kit includes solutions, applicators, and mini brushes
  • visually thicker eyebrows without gaps or sparse areas


  • may irritate sensitive skin
  • difficult to apply
  • price

5# Thuya Brows Eyebrow Lamination Kit

Flawless eyebrows? That’s what you can achieve by performing the brow lamination treatment at home with this brow lift kit. This brow lamination kit includes the necessary accessories so you can easily perform professional eyebrow lamination at home. The products change the natural structure of the hair and keep it in the desired shape for up to 5 weeks. This is a good solution for any woman with unruly and unmanageable brow hairs. The at-home brow lift and lamination kit contains unique conditioning ingredients that not only shape brow hairs but also ensure their great condition.

This kit for a long-lasting brow lift is designed to make you your best eyebrow stylist. However, to perform eyebrow lamination with this kit, you need to have some prior experience with lamination. Beginners may not be able to handle it. The solutions can reach even the thinnest and unreachable brow hairs. This lamination kit also contains a water-based makeup remover with turmeric, which promotes skin cell renewal and brightens up blemishes.


  • laminated eyebrows for up to 5 weeks
  • contains accessories necessary to perform the lamination treatment
  • moisturizes, regenerates, and has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties


  • price
  • non-professionals may not be able to cope with the brow lamination process with this kit
  • after 5 weeks you need to perform the treatment again
  • you need to be super careful during the application

What makes eyebrow lamination worth trying?

2Brow lamination can help you achieve thicker, fuller, and more defined eyebrows. It’s the perfect option for fans of the no make-up look as the results are both natural and expressive. The fluffy brows effect is on trend, so if you like bushy and brushed-up eyebrows, lamination is for you! A good brow lamination kit can help you get the same effect you get at a professional beauty salon. It’s a painless, non-invasive treatment, so it’s the perfect way to improve the look and condition of your eyebrows. Eyebrow lamination at home is beneficial for any woman who wants to achieve a natural brow look and not worry about her eyebrows for weeks – after all, they will be perfectly defined and elegantly styled. The effects of the most recommended kits for long-lasting brow lamination usually last for several individual treatments, saving money and valuable time.