When your Lashes Fall Out… Great Care of Tiny Hairs

Beautiful and healthy lashes bring lots of satisfaction – we know that from our own experience.

Even if we eat healthily and treat them gently during makeup removal, seasons changing and hormones in the body make lashes and hair exposed to the so-called seasonal shedding. How to reduce the problem and keep astonishing with a stunning fan of lashes?

3 effortless steps: how to enhance lashes and keep them from falling out?

1. How to enhance eyelashes: go for good beauty products

It may seem of no importance but considering the opinions and experience of many women, we know that everything that we apply to lashes affects their condition. That is why you should invest in good makeup removers which have conditioning power. Get a mascara which both delivers makeup and nourishes your lashes. In the spring, support them with nettle or horsetail infusions.

2. How to enhance eyelashes: go for a lash serum

Eyelash serum – in comparison to mascara – is a novelty yet it has already stolen the hearts of millions of women. Lots of girls treat it as a healthier alternative to eyelash extensions. A lash serum doesn’t just make eyelashes stronger and better rooted in follicles. It also stimulates their growth and makes the lash line fuller. The best eyelash serum gives very quick effects and is suitable for the brow ridge – lots of women saved their brows after a failed shaping.

3. How to enhance eyelashes: avoid falsies

Applying false lashes gives you an enhanced look but the price is huge: natural hairs are much weaker, carrying heavy, synthetic lashes. At some point (wearing eyelash extensions for a long time), your own eyelashes lack strength and can no longer carry the falsies: in such cases, a serum is able to save the eyelashes. In spring, they are weak so falsies fall out more quickly – there’s no point in weighing them down.

Drugstore strip or individual lashes aren’t beneficial for the health of your eyelashes. An adhesive damages them, too.