Ranking Of The Best Eyebrow Serums. Choose The Best Serum For Your Eyebrows!

best brow serum reviews

Do you want to properly condition, nourish, and strengthen your eyebrows? Wondering what is best for eyebrow growth? The answer is always the same: it’s a good brow serum with comprehensive action. How to find the best one? We already know! Check out the ranking of the most popular eyebrow serums and choose the best brow-growth serum to grow and improve your brows!

Eyebrow serum in questions and answers

What should you consider before getting an eyebrow serum? Here are the most common questions considering eyebrow serums.

1. Do eyebrow serums really work?

Of course, after all, they are designed to work effectively and combat any potential brow problems! The best eyebrow serums work wonders, they can regenerate, nourish, and improve the appearance of the eyebrows, prevent damage and hair loss, and promote eyebrow growth. Many of them also condition the skin around the eyebrows.

2. Do all brow serums deliver the same results?

Unfortunately, no. There are serums with weaker effects, and it all depends on their formulas: the more refined it is, the better and faster the eyebrow serum works, providing great results.

3. How to find a good brow serum?

The best eyebrow serum may be tricky to find in the maze of many similar products. That’s why rankings such as this one prove very helpful. This ranking of the best eyebrow serums will help you find the best-rated and most effective one with the best formula that works the fastest.


1. Nanobrow Eyebrow Serum

brow serum nanobrow reviews

SIZE – 5 ml (large compared to others!)
CONSISTENCY – liquid, light, odorless
EFFICIENCY – excellent performance
PERFORMANCE – best action and excellent results in a short time
EFFECTS – strongly nourished, regenerated, thick, and beautiful eyebrows for a long time
PRICE – affordable considering the quality
KEY INGREDIENTS – arginine, baicalein, soy and wheat germ extracts, panthenol, active peptides, ginseng root extract

Nanobrow is sometimes described as the best eyebrow serum with the most refined formula. It works quickly, and comprehensively and delivers stunning results. The most valued product that’s super-efficient and worth the price! It thickens but also strengthens the follicles and prevents hair loss. The ingredients of the Nanobrow serum perfectly harmonize with the structure of the hair bulb and finest brow hairs.

Nanobrow Eyebrow Serum – performance and results

The fastest results in the shortest time – this is how the results of the Nanobrow serum can be described in a nutshell. For many, it is simply unbeatable, and no wonder. Excellent and fast action, large size, great efficiency, and affordable price. This proves Nanobrow is the best eyebrow serum, perfect for regeneration, nourishment, and eyebrow growth. It only takes 30 days to make your eyebrows beautiful!

Nanobrow Eyebrow Serum – reviews

This is an eagerly purchased and most often recommended eyebrow serum. Nanobrow is effective and has quickly become a coveted product, all thanks to its effects, performance, and great efficiency. A beloved product of the blogosphere and a brow serum with excellent reviews!

2. RevitaBrow Advanced eyebrow serum

brow serum revitabrow reviews

SIZE – 3 ml
CONSISTENCY – liquid, watery
EFFICIENCY – quite efficient
PERFORMANCE – quite decent
EFFECTS – nourished, darker, stronger, and thicker eyebrows
PRICE – very high
KEY INGREDIENTS – ginseng, green tea, honeysuckle, calendula, sabal palm, and wheat.

RevitaBrow is a decent brow serum rich in botanical extracts in its formula that nourishes the brows and protects them from external factors.

The RevitaBrow eyebrow serum – performance and results

The RevitaBrow serum helps to strengthen and nourish sparse and weak brows. The ingredients condition the eyebrows and nourish and protect the brows from damage. Regular use of the RevitaBrow serum ensures pampered and strongly nourished brows in just 6-7 weeks.

RevitaBrow eyebrow serum – reviews

Many people like the effects of the RevitaBrow serum – the results are good and there is a clear improvement in the look and condition of the eyebrows. If you are interested in a good brow growth serum, RevitaBrow delivers good results, although not as quickly as our winning Nanobrow serum. RevitaBrow can regenerate and help to grow back the eyebrows in about 1.5-3 months. It certainly nourishes brow hairs well. Unfortunately, the RevitaBrow serum is far from affordable.

3. Rapidbrow eyebrow serum

brow serum rapidbrow reviews

SIZE – 3 ml
CONSISTENCY – watery, takes quite a long time to absorb
EFFICIENCY – unfortunately not very efficient
PERFORMANCE – nourished, thick, and pampered eyebrows
EFFECTS – you have to wait for about 3 months
PRICE – high
KEY INGREDIENTS – biotin, panthenol, keratin, apple fruit extract, sweet almond oil, pumpkin seed oil

A quite recommended eyebrow serum with big recognition as it has been on the beauty market for a long time. Its ingredients nourish and strengthen eyebrows and the serum stops hair loss quite well.

The Rapidbrow serum – performance and results

The performance of this product is quite satisfactory. This is a good brow serum that strongly nourishes and improves the condition of the brows. The serum is dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested. The results come, but not as quickly as with other serums; the application requires a little more patience, but regularity pays off. How does this eyebrow serum work? It makes the brows look neater, darker, and more defined.

The Rapidbrow serum – reviews

This serum has been ranked among the best brow serums as it is quite well-rated and popular. The results are quite decent, but unfortunately, some claim the price is too high considering the results, which are mainly nourishing. It’s a good eyebrow serum that does a great job of supporting eyebrow care.

4. Xbrow serum

brow serum xbrow reviews

SIZE – 3 ml
CONSISTENCY – watery, colorless
EFFICIENCY – fairly efficient
PERFORMANCE – nourished, pampered, and strong eyebrows
EFFECTS – you have to wait for them for about 3 months
PRICE – high
KEY INGREDIENTS – panthenol, milk proteins

This eyebrow serum has managed to gain recognition over the years. It’s the younger “sister” of the Xlash lash serum. How does it work and is this eyebrow serum worth recommending?

Xbrow serum – performance and results

This brow growth serum is a nourishing cocktail that improves the condition of eyebrows and makes them stronger and more beautiful. The ingredients it contains make the brows look beautiful and ensure a healthy gloss. Although our ranking indicates it is not the best eyebrow serum, it is certainly recognizable and quite popular.

Xbrow eyebrow serum – reviews

When it comes to the Xbrow serum’s reviews considering both the performance and the price are quite mixed. Many people are impressed by the effect of nourished brows but the application and waiting time for the results are quite long. However, this brow serum contains a unique ingredient (milk proteins) and its properties arouse great curiosity.

5. GrandeBROW eyebrow serum

brow serum grandebrow reviews

SIZE – 3 ml; 1.5 ml.
CONSISTENCY – watery, slowly absorbed
EFFICIENCY – quite inefficient, the small size is not worth it
PERFORMANCE – nourished, conditioned, and moisturized eyebrows and calm skin
EFFECTS – you have to wait about 4 months for them.
PRICE – very high
KEY INGREDIENTS – aloe vera, arginine, bearberry leaf extract, chamomile extract, honey extract

This brow serum surprises with its rich formula and strongly nourishing ingredients. If you struggle with your weak brows and want to strengthen and nourish them, this eyebrow serum will get the job done.

GrandeBrow eyebrow serum – performance and results

How does this brow serum work? The plant-based ingredients and botanical extracts strongly nourish the brows, making them more resistant to damage, conditioned, and properly moisturized. Eyebrows gain a healthy gloss and a nice appearance. Their color improves and the hairs stop falling out.

The GrandeBrow eyebrow serum – reviews

This valued product found its place in our ranking of the best eyebrow serums due to its popularity. The secret lies in its formula which contains various plant-based conditioning ingredients, natural oils, and botanical extracts. This eyebrow serum needs to be used for several months, so the small size is totally not worth the investment. According to the reviews, this serum is great for thin, sparse, short, and over-plucked eyebrows.

How to use an eyebrow serum?

The eyebrow serum is easy to use. It is extremely convenient for people too busy for the time-consuming daily brow styling. It only takes a few seconds to apply the serum and most eyebrow serums only need to beĀ applied once a day. The best eyebrow serums are quickly absorbed and don’t leave any residue. Therefore, even if you live in a busy and fast-paced environment, your lifestyle will not stand in the way of beautiful eyebrows! The key is a good and eagerly recommended brow serum. We hope our ranking of the best eyebrow serums helped you choose the perfect one!