Parsley in cosmetology – at-home method for hyperpigmentations

Hyperpigmentations that are created due to excessive exposure to the sun are tiresome and difficult to manage. Is there any at-home method for hyperpigmentations? As it turns out there is and its rather simple – it’s parsley. It is rich in vitamin C, iron, and numerous nourishing ingredients and at the same time regenerates and brightens the skin. Learn all about its use to brighten the skin, make the skin tone even, and finally get rid of hyperpigmentations once and for all.

Parsley is not just a healthy ingredient of the diet because as it turns out it contains more vitamin C than lemon, and on top of that has lots of minerals and plant components (flavonoids, sterols) that perfectly condition and improve skin’s condition. Include it in your skincare and you’ll see that this green inconspicuous parsley can regenerate the skin immensely!

Parsley in cosmetology – how to use it? The best treatments

1. Brightening toner with parsley

Take a tablespoon of chopped parsley and pour 1/2 of a glass of hot water (about 200 ml) and leave it to cool. The leaves will release their precious ingredients creating homemade floral water with parsley that you just have to drain and pour the water into a glass bottle. Store it in the fridge and wipe the skin with the water twice a day.

2. Brightening face mask

Do not throw away the leaves of the parsley that you have after making the toner! Use the parsley you have left to make a face mask. Just place it on the face and keep on for about 30 minutes. You can obviously complement the parsley with honey, banana, yoghurt, oil, or gel that is extracted from flaxseed that you poured over with water (and left overnight). The perfect ‘companion’ that also brightens the skin and balances the pH is lemon juice and you can add it to both the face mask and the toner. 1 teaspoon is enough.

3. Parsley water

Parsley water with this recipe is created (contrary to the abovementioned toner) with cold water – this way the leaves release more nourishing components. Unfortunately, making parsley water takes more time. You just have to chop the parsley, pour cold water over them and leave it in a cold place for 24 hours.

Only after this time the water is ready to use and the face can be wiped with it for a week – the parsley contains numerous natural preservatives.

Parsley in skincare – the effects

The effect of treatment with parsley is not visible right away. Therefore, it is a method for more patient people. However, it is worth being systematic because after a few weeks the skin is renewed and hyperpigmentations vanish. As the hyperpigmentations will be disappearing the effects will be stunning so if you gained a lot of hyperpigmentations this summer you need to be patient and wipe the skin with parsley toner on a regular basis.

Your skin will not only have its condition and color restored but will also have proper pH, suppleness, vitality, and glow. The pores of your skin will tighten while the skin will be moisturized and its condition improved.

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