8 Reasons Why You should not cut your hair

It is said that woman tends to change her mind pretty often. We just love changes, and some emotions that accompany us in life make us also prone to radical change of our appearance. How many times have you thought about how it would be if you cut your waist long hair? How often have you wanted to make shorter these grown over years hair? Do not do that! Today, we will tell why you should not cut your hair.


Reason No 1

You always wanted to have waist long hair and you spent many hours on their conditioning and checking if they grew even an inch since yesterday. Do you really want to forfeit it? Now, when you have reached your dream length or you are so close to get there?

Reason No 2

Long hair are the best accessory of every woman. Ask your husband, boyfriend or friend if woman looks better in short or long hair. It is more than certain that their answer will be exactly the same. Women are more attractive with long hair.

Reason No 3

Usually desire to change of image comes from sudden change of emotional state. You are wrecked after the break up or happy because you won the lottery and you want to celebrate with short and wild hair cut. Emotions will drop and hair will not grow back.

Reason No 4

You run through the newest fashion trends and you read that in the upcoming season will rule short hair. Everyone wants to be up to speed with trends, but their worst minus is that they change real quick.

Reason No 5

Long hair are much more resilient to “bad hair day”. If they are slightly greasy, you can always treat them with some hair spray for additional volume and tie them in an effective bun, plait or leave them loose. Short hair have to be washed, there is no other way.

Reason No 6

In accordance to hair, there is yet another matter. Long hair equal diversity – you can go out with your hair loose, curled, straight, tied to the left or right side or at the top. Do you want to deprive yourself of that? Short hair equal limitations.

Reason No 7

Long hair also help you save some extra cash – not on the cosmetics, because with such hair we use more of them, but on the visits at the hairdresser. Short hair need adjustments at least once or twice a month, but long hair can grow freely. They just require occasional cut of ends, but you can do that at home.

Reason No 8

Contrary to appearances, long hair are much more comfortable – in the hot days you can tie them at the top of the head. You cannot do that with short hair, so you will not avoid sweaty streaks sticking to your face or a wind that will blew them in every direction in a bad weather.

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