Stylish Lashes In 10 Minutes? Here Are The Best False Cluster Lashes!

Eyelashes provide the most beautiful frame of the eyes. However, our natural lashes don’t always look how we want them to be. They tend to be weak, with a tendency to fade and lack definition – mascaras are not the solution to this problem. But cluster lashes for at-home application may be. Let’s get to know 7 products that deserve to be labeled as the best!

Cluster lashes for DIY lash extensions – an innovation in the beauty world

There is no denying that women have always struggled with their eyelashes. They like to use thickening and lengthening mascaras, as well as conditioners, which, however, do not always help to achieve satisfactory results.

Semi-permanent lash extensions were quite a popular option. Unfortunately, this styling method overburdens natural lashes and even leads to their loss. For this reason, it is not an optimal solution.

Cluster lashes for at-home application are a real game-changer on the beauty market. False lash clusters allow you to style your lashes for longer in only a few minutes. Of course, the product became a hit and many women were eager to try DIY lash extensions at home.

DIY application false eyelashes are trending nowadays. However, it is worth noting that not every kit can help achieve the results women care so much about. That’s why here is a ranking of 7 products that deserve attention!

The 7 best cluster eyelashes for DIY application – which ones deliver a WOW effect?

Cluster lashes for at-home application have one key role. They are meant to help create a stylish lash look without leaving home. Many women don’t have time for regular appointments at their beauty salons. Pre-made lash clusters should allow them to transform their look in only a few minutes.

So let’s get to know the 7 best sets that deserve to be in every woman’s makeup bag!

1. Nanolash cluster lashes – DIY Lash Extensions

false eyelashes

The first place in the ranking goes to DIY Lash Extensions from Nanolash. This brand needs no introduction to any woman. It has been a leader in eyelash care and styling products for many years.

DIY Eyelash Extensions are a premium product. These cluster lashes are made of lightweight material and come on a flexible, thin strip. Thanks to this feature, they fit perfectly to the eye while the strip camouflages the connecting points.

These lash clusters for at-home application are available in a single package. The case contains 36 cluster lashes in 3 lengths and 8 styles to choose from. You can also get a complete kit for eyelash extensions at home. It additionally includes:

  • Nanolash bonder;
  • Nanolash remover;
  • special tweezers;
  • Nanolash sealer.

With these accessories, creating a durable and fast lash look will be even easier. The manufacturer declares it will last for 5 days. Applying these cluster lashes should not take more than 10 minutes. Many women who have already tried DIY Lash Extensions have confirmed these claims!

The ready-to-apply lash clusters from Nanolash allow you to create any lash look you want. Ladies can use them to create the iconic Russian Volume lashes but also use the shortest clusters for a delicate look for everyday wear.

Considering all the advantages of DIY Lash Extensions from Nanolash, there is no doubt these cluster eyelashes deserve first place in the ranking.

2. Glamnetic Lash Extension Kit

Our next suggestions are false lashes from the Lash Extension Kit from Glamnetic.

Glamentic Lash Extension Kit contains lash clusters for DIY application at home. You can use them even without any prior experience in this area. Applying these false lashes should not take more than 10-15 minutes.

In the package, there are cluster lashes in different sizes, as well as other accessories to make the application easier. Also, there are several styles of clusters to choose from.

The lashes themselves are lightweight and practically imperceptible when worn. If the application is performed correctly, they can stay on the eye for up to 5 days. Unfortunately, the manufacturer’s declarations have not been confirmed by women’s reviews.

Glamnetic Lash Extension Kit lashes allow you to create a natural look, but also voluminous lashes.  Unfortunately, these cluster lashes did not deserve the 1st position in our ranking. Compared to the false lashes from Nanolash, they are extremely expensive.

3. Lashify Starter Kit

The Lashify Starter Kit is a solution for women who appreciate convenient and fast application.

The manufacturer declares that the application should only take a few minutes. However, it is not indicated exactly how much time you need to spend on it. The brand claims these lashes can be worn for 3 to 5 days. This is a slight drawback, compared, for example, to DIY Lash Extensions from Nanolash. In addition, the manufacturer notes that it all depends on proper aftercare and individual predisposition. So there is a risk that the Lashify Starter Kit lashes might last only 1-2 days.

Nevertheless, these cluster lashes look quite solid. They are soft and flexible and allow you to create various lash looks.

Unfortunately, both the kit and the refill packs of clusters cost a fortune and this is a solution that only wealthy women can definitely afford. There are only 10 clusters in the pack, which ensures just one application assuming it succeeds. The price of Lashify products to create a one-time, eyelash extension application actually is comparable to professional semi-permanent eyelash extensions done at a beauty salon.

4. Ardell X-tended Wear Lash System Kit

Ardell X-tended Wear Lash System Kit is another product that has earned its place in the ranking. These lightweight and soft lash clusters are designed for at-home application. The application itself should only take 10 minutes to complete – according to the manufacturer’s claims.

The lash clusters come in a single package, in which you will also find additional accessories. These lashes can be applied both underneath and above natural lashes. So it is possible to choose the most convenient way of application for yourself.

Ardell X-tended Wear Lash System Kit offers different sizes of lashes to choose from. Women can choose between Russian Volume lashes or just delicate lash extensions. The entire application should last up to several days. However, the manufacturer indicated that the clusters must be properly cared for and oil-based cosmetics must be avoided.

The quality is a major disadvantage of these lashes – each cluster is identical, and following the application, you can clearly see the not-so-natural effect. So, this solution may work for a party, but these clusters are not really suitable for everyday wear or work.

5. KISS Falscara Starter Kit

The KISS Falscara Starter Kit contains one of the most popular lashes for do-it-yourself eyelash extensions. They come as feather-thin clusters that blend well with natural lashes. Due to their delicate nature, they can be easily damaged – so you must be extremely careful. These cluster lashes are easy to apply and are guaranteed to maintain a natural and stylish aesthetic look.

The box, however, contains cluster lashes in only two lengths: 10 and 12 mm. This, in turn, can be one of the major drawbacks. For example, DIY Lash Extensions are available in 3 lengths! The lack of slightly longer lashes makes styling options a bit more limited. 

The claimed durability of a single application is 5 days. However, there have been many online reviews from women who point out that the product did not meet their expectations in this regard. In the case of some users, the application lasted only 2 days. In the case of DIY Lash Extensions from Nanolash, reviews like those cannot be found.

For the clusters to last as long as the manufacturer declares, you need to use an overnighter. This product, unfortunately, must be purchased separately. At the same time, the formula of this product makes these lashes unsuitable for reuse, which ultimately determines this product is neither efficient nor cost-effective.

6. Velour Xtensions Kit

Velour Xtensions Kit contains cluster lashes inspired by results from beauty salons. They are designed to ensure the lash look you create will be beautiful and extremely durable.

The manufacturer guarantees that the application itself will only take 10 minutes. However, in case you perform it for the first time, then requires some patience. This, in turn, may indicate that applying lashes from the Velour Xtensions Kit is not at all that easy.

In the package, there are 4 sets of lash clusters of each length – from 10 to 14 mm. All lashes are kept in one style. However, their variety in terms of length should ensure the possibility of creating any styling.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not indicate how long the clusters can worn on the eyes. It only emphasizes that it is usually several days, which, however, depends on individual predisposition and aftercare. You must also not wet the lashes for up to 24 hours following the application. This is because these false eyelashes are not waterproof. There is also no clear message regarding whether they are reusable.

7. TATTI’s Invisi-Lash Kit

The lashes from Invisi-Lash Kit from the TATTI brand come in different styles, so you can match the type of curl to your needs.

In a single package, there are cluster lashes in 4 sizes – from 8 to 14 mm. This certainly gives unlimited possibilities for at-home eyelash styling. In addition, the kit also includes an applicator, a bonder, and a sealer. However, the sizes of these products are small (in the case of the kit from Nanolash they were 5 ml). Thus, they will not last for too long.

The eyelash clusters are supposed to last up to 5 days. Again, however, there is a need for their proper aftercare. The application itself is also supposed to take 10 minutes. However, you need to focus on properly prepping the eyelashes first. Otherwise, the styling may not be too durable.

A serious drawback of this product is that the clusters come on a transparent strip instead of black. In practice, this makes the connection lines where the clusters meet natural eyelashes much more visible, and on top of that, you can not count on the additional effect of visually thicker lashes at the roots.

Ranking of the best cluster lashes – summary

Cluster lashes for at-home application allow you to quickly and precisely change your look. So it’s no wonder that more and more women are choosing to put them to the test.

Women have been searching for the best false eyelashes for DIY application for a long time. Let’s not hide the fact that the beauty market is constantly flooding us with new products. It’s hard to find one’s way through the maze of special offers and focus on what matters most when choosing your best false lashes.

The above ranking rounded up the products that can confidently compete with each other for the title of best. In the leading position, there are DIY Lash Extensions from Nanolash. They provide exactly what a modern woman can expect.

Women should remember to pay attention to the length, style, as well as the strip cluster lashes come on. This is especially important if you have sensitive eyes.

By making a wise decision while choosing your cluster lashes, you can gain a lot. Not only will you be able to transform your look in less than 10 minutes, but you will also be able to look phenomenal in any situation!