Nanoil Hair Oils Designed for Professional At-Home Hair Oil Treatment

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Not only do oils increase hair shine but also regenerate, stimulate faster hair growth and treat scalp problems. You just need to properly match them to your hair type. You make it easier by choosing one of the three Nanoil Hair Oils. Treat your hair to the best composition of oils, vitamins and nutrients combined in a silk-like formula.

Reasonable hair care doesn’t weigh strands down but improves their condition – and consequently their appearance – in a natural way. Do you need unusual tricks to repair even severely damaged hair without a hairstylist?

Nanoil Hair Oils

You will find complex support for your hair on – not only can you buy professional hair oils there but also identify your hair type using an online test and learn more about the proper hair care and latest hairstyling trends.

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Available in three versions Nanoil hair oils are precisely-composed blends of natural vegetable oils, vitamins and conditioning ingredients. They are formulated without silicones, parabens and other artificial substances, which is going to appeal to every lover of natural cosmetics. The composition of each of the oils isn’t random – the oils have been tailored to the needs of different hair types, considering hair anatomy which is professionally known as porosity.

Hair porosity. What is that?

Each of us has porous hair and it does not mean that cutting is the only option. Porosity is the natural feature of hair which results from its structure – keratin cuticles surrounding each hair, which open and close, create naturally-porous structure. Thanks to the structure being permeable, hair products penetrate the hair and work inside.

There are three basic hair types considering porosity.

1. High porosity hair – damaged, very dry, brittle, dull
2. Medium porosity hair – weak, frizzy, falling out, shine-less
3. Low porosity hair – oily, heavy, easily weighed down, lacking volume

There are a few ways to define hair porosity. A trichologist – a hair doctor – provides you the most reliable information. Still, the microscope examination is not the only option. You may as well do one of the popular online tests (e.g. sinking hair in water) or try a hair porosity test available on Nanoil webpage.

Perfect oil for the hair oil treatment

Hair loves natural products and delicate yet effective care. That is how Nanoil Hair Oils work. They improve the looks of hair right away because they coat each hair with a silky oil mist yet they deeply repair, strengthen ad heal hair as well thanks to penetrating inside. It is one of the rarest products working in this way.

The secret lies in the composition of oils of the proper content of omega fatty acids. Each oil is made of ingredients that are able to penetrate hair of a specific porosity thanks to not being too large. They reinforce the hair structure and seal the natural hydro-lipid layer which keep the desired moisture in hair.

Nanoil – you are going to be taken aback by effects

How Nanoil Hair Oils work? In respect to the needs.

• Ensure the sufficient level of moisture.
• Hinder excessively falling out hair.
• Speed up natural hair growth.
• Beautify by adding shine and softness.
• Regenerate, rebuild and strengthen.
• Protect hair from the sun, heat.
• Make everyday blow-dry and styling routine easier.
• Delay hair ageing processes.
• Nourish hair by boosting its vitality.

The acting of Nanoil ensures long-term results. If only we use oils respecting the producer’s indications and do at-home hair oil treatment regularly, we can expect beautiful and long (thanks to the growth increasing complex) hair after just 2-3 weeks.

Step 1. Pick a hair oil

Nanoil for Low Porosity Hair abounding in vegetable butters will appeal to straight, heavy, difficult-to-style and volume-less hair. The owners of normal, quite problematic, weak and humidity hair should reach for Nanoil for Medium Porosity Hair. On the other hand, keratin-enriched Nanoil for High Porosity Hair is a solution dealing with strongly damaged, extremely dry, brittle and splitting hair.nanoil hair oil

Step 2. Do the hair oil treatment

An intensive treatment is the best hair oiling method recommended for Nanoil products. Nanoil Hair Oils work the strongest when you apply them to damp hair after washing. It is worth securing them e.g. with a warm towel to upgrade the action of natural oils. After the application, wash your hair after minimum 15 minutes yet the best effects can be achieved by letting them sit in for around an hour. It is a recommended usage for Nanoil but not the only one – it is worth giving various options a try.