IPL – how to remove hair, get rid of acne and reduce wrinkles

IPL is a proven way almost for every problem. It removes unwanted hair and smooths winkles, closes capillaries and reduces acne. What is a secret of this beautifying and therapeutical method?

IPL stands for Intensive Pulse Light. In this technology light waves from 500 to 1200 nm are used. The source of light in this appliance are xenon lamps. It also happens that this device is commonly mis-called a laser. Then, a laser is a solid stream of light with concrete waves length. But, the IPL device gives out wide range of waves and various length. That is why these waves can be absorbed by tissues and liguids (for instance melanine and hemoglobine). During the treatment only those fragments of tissues are damaged which contain specific substances.

IPL 1IPL treatments are made with a special head. It is equipped with a special filter chosed by a beautician or cosmetologist. This way the person conducting the therapy will choose waves with optimal length and frequency. The therapies are also chosen on the basis of skin conditions and types. The effects achieved via this therapy depend on wave lenghths and number of treatments taken as well as their duration. The obligatory condition is to be over 25 years old. The best results are visibly on light complexion without excessive sebum. Prinkling and warming sensations can occur if one has a dark complexion. Contraindication for the treatment are sensitivity for light treatments, being on some photosensitizing medication, cancer, pregnancy or menstruation.

After the IPL treatment your skin may be slightly changed. The complexion may be reddened, you may feel a little discomfort and have small bruises. These imperfections will be visible for about two weeks. They will disappear with the course of time and your skin wil be smooth, healthy-looking and radiant. The price of a treatment depends on the area which is supposed to be treated, beauty parlour’s good name and skin lesions.

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