10 Steps | How to care for skin the Korean way?

Plenty of women wish their faces looked so smooth, radiant and flawless like Korean women’s skin. Don’t worry – we uncover the secret! It’s ten-step Korean skin care routine that the whole world has gone crazy about. Keep reading to learn the secrets of unflawed face skin!

You probably think that your skin is problematic and there’s nothing to be done. The truth is you don’t need pricey facials or specialist’s assistance to make changes. The secret of flawless skin lies in daily care. Start following holistic skin care routine to keep your face young-looking for longer.

Korean skin-care regimen based on 10 steps enjoys great popularity worldwide. Why? Because you can easily introduce it into your daily routine and achieve outstanding effects (provided you follow the routine religiously).

10 steps, or Korean skin care routine

Step 1 Oil-based make-up removal

Unsurprisingly, make-up removal is the first step. Korean women suggest using an oil-based product or a pure organic oil to cleanse the skin. A blend of castor oil and argan oil (or similar oil) makes a perfect pick. Interestingly, oil formulas effortlessly remove waterproof make-up and greasy residue from the face.

Step 2 Water-based cleanser

Now it’s time for a water-based product – a face gel or mousse cleanser or micellar water. With the product you can easily get rid of the dirt that has been left on the face, which means deeper cleansing.

Step 3 Face scrub

Korean women love it when their skin is spotless and that’s why they use a scrub regularly. An exfoliator enhances the natural process of epidermal exfoliation and removes all the things that two previous products failed to eliminate.

Step 4 Toner

You must remember that multi-stage face cleansing may spoil the natural base-acid balance. That’s what you need a toner for – to get back the skin’s pH balance. This product moisturizes and soothes irritations as well.

Step 5 Essence

An essence is another product that Korean women reach for during their daily skin care. Too bad you won’t find it easily in other world corners. That’s why you can skip it. Still if you’re lucky enough to find it, it definitely pays off to treat the skin to an oil-based essence that enhances cell renewal.

Step 6 Face serum

Spreading a face serum over the skin is a very important skin-care stage. Serum is way stronger than a cream and aids in keeping the young-looking skin for longer because most of serums are enriched with antioxidants and skin-friendly vitamins. What’s the best face serum like? Of course it is a natural, lightweight, highly-concentrated formula which has antiaging effect and helps handle problems such as wrinkles, dark spots and acne.

Step 7 Sheet mask

After a serum use a nutrient-dense sheet mask that revitalizes the skin from within. With a mask on the face, you’ve got a moment for relaxation so make use of it.

Step 8 Eye cream

Finally, it’s time to secure the skin under the eyes. The skin in this face area is extremely thin so you need a lightweight, runny cream that brightens dark circles and reduces puffiness. Thanks to the product you can wake up to radiant skin instead of puffy eyes.

Step 9 Moisturizer

You should also protect the entire face skin with a hydrating cream to lock in moisture. It forms an occlusive layer on the skin playing a key function – it holds all the substances you applied earlier in the skin – vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc.

Step 10 Sunblock

Korean women never forget about the importance of sun protection. They say that applying a sunscreen is the easiest way to protect the skin from sun damage and photoaging.

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