5 Home Remedies for Stunning, Healthy Nails

Nails, just like hands, must be well taken care of if we want to look our best. Obviously, we want them to be healthy and strong. How to make the nails stunning using home remedies? Keep reading for tried-and-trusted nail enhancers!

5 Home Remedies for Better, Nicer Nails

1. Get a nail file moving!

Just remember to use a good file which doesn’t leave ragged edges. Maybe the damage isn’t visible to the naked eye at first but improper nail files cause the nails to break and split (detergents, water, bacteria get inside). Another thing to remember: you need to file the nails in the same direction. Glass and paper files are the best picks so get one into your beauty case.

2. Be gentle for your nails

Do you ever peel nail polish off? Do you use gloves while cleaning the house? Do you ever bite the nails or cuticles? Bad habits speed up nail damage, let alone health hazards, considering you put the nails filled with bacteria into your mouth… It’s good to kick the biting habit and get a good cuticle oil to keep the cuticles from drying out.

3. Diet for healthier nails

Just like the entire body, skin, and hair, our nails need nourishing too. To keep them healthy and damage-proof, you need to deliver vitamins like vitamin B (strengthens, stops breakage), vitamin A (improves appearance of both nails and skin), vitamin E (reinforces and repairs the nail plate). Keep replenishing microelements for healthy nails: zinc, calcium and phosphorus which make nails more resilient, stimulate growth, and prevent brittleness. Horsetail is a herb that is a precious source of nutrients that give us nicer hair and nails. You can take supplements or drink horsetail tea.


Nails are mostly made from keratin which is a protein. That is why we need to eat protein-high foods: plain yogurt, milk, cheese, cottage cheese, eggs, meat.

4. Nail polish and conditioner

You want healthy, lovely nails? Enhance the growth using a suitable conditioner. You can either get an oil-based product and rub it into your nails (ideally at bedtime so you don’t do anything with your hands) or a regular conditioner used like nail polish. Cosmetics brands offer nail conditioners in color (beige, pink, white, light brown) which give a nice shade even if the nails are discolored. They make the nails look healthy, as well as nourish and repair, preventing damage.

5. Natural treatments for lovely nails

DIY nail treatments are very popular and many girls swear by them. You can make them easily at home! Try rubbing castor or argan oil into the nails or pour oil into a basin and add some lemon juice to create nourishing soak. Lemon juice brightens the nails, improves the color, and helps nutrients from oil repair damage. Olive oil is a brilliant and natural nail conditioner: slightly heat it up and soak the fingers in. Nettle and horsetail infusion is a powerful strengthening soak too!

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