Transform Your Gook With A Lash Lift And Lamination Kit from Nanolash!

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Eyelashes provide the most beautiful frame for the eyes. However, very often natural lashes can’t boast the look we wish for. Unfortunately, daily makeup and various other treatments may cause them to crumble and break. At-home eyelash lift with Nanolash Lash Lift Kit seems like the perfect solution. What should you know about the kit and the treatment itself?

Eyelash lift and lamination – a treatment breaking popularity records

Many women are keen on various treatments to help them achieve the effect of natural-looking voluminous eyelashes. They usually opt for semi-permanent lash extensions, which, however, may damage the thin and delicate hairs.

Knowing this, a lash lift is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. It is performed using special products that are supposed to rebuild the structure of the lashes and make them much longer, thicker, and more curled. The entire process is carried out without using any invasive ingredients and accessories. This is why lash lamination is referred to as a non-invasive method of lengthening lashes and giving them the desired curl.

Interestingly, although this treatment is mainly associated with beauty salons, it is not reserved exclusively for them. The Nanolash brand – lash care, styling, and makeup leader – once again managed to meet the needs of modern women.

Nanolash Lash Lift Kit has recently been launched. Using this at-home lash lamination kit is a piece of cake and the results of the treatment meet the greatest expectations every time.

What is worth knowing about Nanolash Lash Lift Kit?

The Nanolash for at-home lash lift and lamination is an innovation when it comes to restoring and styling eyelashes. Using the kit, anyone can achieve salon-quality results.

The undoubted advantage of the Nanolash lash lift kit is that all the products are made with natural and nutrient-rich ingredients. Abyssinian oil, coconut oil, and shea butter ensure a vitamin-rich and regenerative formula that can quickly rebuild the structure of even the most damaged lashes.

The set consists of:

  • Lift – Step 1 – you get 10 0.5 milliliter sachets of a product aimed at lifting eyelashes;
  • Fix – Step 2 – you also get 10 sachets of the same size which are used as a second step of the lamination process;
  • Keratin Booster – Step 3 – you get the same amount of sachets of the same size, this is the last step that completes the lash lamination process;
  • Silicone rods – to be attached to the lashes in 3 sizes: S, M, and L;
  • Lift Lash Glue – an adhesive that allows you to fix the silicone rods in place;
  • other accessories necessary for the lash lamination process.

Performing the lash lift is also extremely simple. After cleaning and separating the eyelashes, you must attach the silicone rods. Then each product is applied in a specific order. You should keep it on the eyelashes for about 7-10 minutes, and then remove it. So little is enough to enjoy spectacular and natural-looking voluminous lashes.

lash lift kit

Why should you try at-home lash lift and lamination?

The lash lift kit from Nanolash is professional. The Nanolash brand made sure the set is easy to use. It works well for professional lash artists but also beginners. In a word, any woman can try a lash lift in the comfort of her own home.

The treatment not only thickens, curls, and lengthens the lashes but also protects and rebuilds their structure. Furthermore, the manufacturer declares that the satisfactory effects last for 8 weeks, depending on the initial condition of your lashes.

Nanolash Lash Lift Kit is a way to change the gaze completely without overburdening your natural lashes and without a false effect. You should discover it for yourself. You can order the kit on the brand’s official website. The kit’s reviews posted online look truly encouraging.